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learn through discovery


learn through discovery


The Aquarium’s homeschool classes are the perfect complement to any science curriculum for students at every level. Each year, we explore a different STEM-based topic through monthly, all-ages classes that incorporate hands-on activities and specially themed experiences.  Classes take place on the second Tuesday of the month, September-May.

2023-24 Theme: Animalia- The Breakdown of Animals

Join us this season as we explore the animal kingdom and how they are classified. Topics range from jellyfish to sea lions and everything in between. Pre-registration is required. Please note that we are a science-based institution and will touch on scientific themes such as evolution.

Monthly Themes:
September 12 – Introduction to Classification
October 10 –Jellies, Anemones, and Corals, Oh My! (Cnidarians)
November 14 – All About Sponges with Square Pants (Sponges)
December 12 – The Spiny Side of Life (Echinodermata)
January 9 – Mollusks
February 13 – Exoskeletal Extravaganza (Arthropods)
March 12 – Creepy Crawlies – Worms (Annelids/Nematodes/Platyhelminthes)
April 9 – Chordata
May 14 – Bio Blitz!

For questions please contact

  • The program cost DOES NOT include Aquarium admission.  
  • Registration ends at 11am the Monday before the class date. 
  • The Aquarium reserves the right to cancel a class if minimums are not met. 
  • Bookings are final. Refunds are only issued in the event of cancellation by the Aquarium. 

class details

Monthly, 11am-12:30pm
1.5 hours
K-12: $12/Adults: $6 members save 10%
K - 12


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