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we bring the Aquarium to you


we bring the Aquarium to you


Choose from four different outreach programs that are designed to meet age-appropriate learning standards, provide up-close interactions with popular ambassador animals, spark curiosity and critical thinking, as well as inspire connections with the natural world. Programs are led by the Aquariums talented team of educators.

  • Educators can present up to four 30-minute sessions or staff a table for up to two hours. 
  • Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.  
  • Programs not available on Mondays.  
  • There are additional fees for evening and weekend programs.  
  • Programs are available at locations within 90 minutes of the Aquarium, but additional fees apply for locations beyond a 60-minute drive. 
  • Payment is handled via invoice which will be sent to your organization after the program. 


a variety of visitors

Aquarium educators are accompanied by an animal ambassador, each with their own unique story or lesson to share. Explore the options to find the right fit for your group’s interests!

Gather round as we read a tale about an aquatic animal! This storytelling-centered program introduces you to the main character” through an educational childrens book. Participate in interactive activities to learn about your animal characters physical traits, habitat, and more. Then, meet the animal in person! 

Choose ONE of the following characters: turtle, lobster, horseshoe crab, sea star, sea urchin, hermit crab, or sea snail. Animals are subject to availability. 
Ages 1-6 years 

They may not have spines, but marine invertebrates are truly the backbones of the sea! Comprising 92% of all ocean life, they play an important role in maintaining healthy habitats. Interact with the animals using a two-finger touch and see firsthand what makes marine invertebrates unique while also learning how they have adapted to survive in the ocean. Animals are subject to availability, but may include crabs, sea stars, sea snails, and/or lobster. 

All ages  

Meet one of our two charismatic ambassador turtles, Maggie, the Florida river cooter, or Mortisha, the red-eared slider! Enjoy an up-close look at the animals physical features and see how webbed feet and streamlined bodies make these reptiles well-suited to spend most of their lives in the water. 

Ages 3+ 

Squid are some of the smartest and strangest-looking animals in the sea, and their internal anatomy is just as fascinating! From their three hearts to the ink sacs that contain their strongest defense mechanism, theres a lot to see and learn from looking inside these cephalopods. Squid is acquired from our frozen food supply and is thawed prior to the program (no live animals). Squid dissections require an additional lab fee. 

Ages 11+ 

request a visit

Please fill out the outreach reservation form to request a reservation. Your reservation is not confirmed until you hear from us. If you need more information, please email us.


come for a visit

The Aquarium makes it easy for schools, clubs, scouts, and organizations to plan exciting field trips to see our entire animal collection.